Tackling problem pavements in Mount Hermon

Myself and my ward colleague, Cllr David Bittleston, recently launched a campaign to keep local pavements clear of unnecessary clutter—something that would make life easier for pedestrians, including the elderly and parents with children.

Across Mount Hermon, there are too many instances of footpaths and verges being obstructed by cars, bushes and wheelie bins. Our aim is to foster more respect for ordinary people, particularly the elderly, the disabled and mothers with prams, who need to use them every day free from hindrance.

During the past year, I have dealt with this issue on many occasions for residents who often have nowhere else to turn. On roads right across the ward—from Oriental Road to Park Road—we have succeeded in getting obstacles removed and hedges cut back, making life a little bit easier for residents.

If you know of any trouble spots that have affected you, your friends and neighbours, then please contact me and let me know.