Council rolls out free park Wi-Fi in response to Mark’s campaign

I’m delighted work is on track to roll-out free public Wi-Fi in Woking Park, after I managed to get the Council’s support for the initiative in late 2016.

In October that year, the Council supported a motion I put forward calling for free public Wi-Fi in Woking Park, alongside another motion for the town centre CCTV system to be extended to other areas close to the town that suffer from crime and anti-social behaviour.

At a recent Council meeting on April 5, it was revealed that work to install free Wi-Fi had begun, and that the service was expected to be in operation by late May.

The rollout of free Wi-Fi in Woking Park is something that will benefit all park users—whether they are jogging, cycling, walking the dog, or simply going out for a quiet stroll. I’m pleased we are getting this new, free service up and running so quickly for all the residents and visitors who use Woking Park on a regular basis.